The Riches

February 22, 2007

For weeks I’ve been seeing the great spots for a new show on FX; The Riches. I never quite got a handle on what the show was about til they finally expanded on the theme and explained a bit of the plot. I did know that Minnie Driver was playing the wife. The hubby was just some distinguished southern actor, I thought.

Imagine my surprise when one of the ads actually listed their names. He is none other than world famous Eddie Izzard – my all time fave thanks to Brad and Scott.

<>I didn’t recognize him without make-up and in that accent. Would you?

<> the Izzard man Eddie’s Alter Ego<>

So this is a show about a family of con artists and thieves, with thick southern accents, with the leads played by English actors. Minnie Driver is English, isn’t she?


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