Book as artifact

February 23, 2007


Found at the Breeze Illinois Hospital charity book sale last weekend; one very used paperback copy of George Orwell’s classic 1984. I’m not sure what appealed to me more; the book as an object – wear, tear, fading, great cover design – or the book as literature.

I’m afraid I’ll have to go find a newer copy at the library to read. I got through about twenty pages of this paperback and it is literally falling apart in my hands. But that was enough to remind me how good this book is. Can’t even remember how long ago I first read the story of Winston Smith, party member in Oceanana..

Anyone familiar with the plot? Over the years since it was first written (Orwell wrote it in 1948 – he just flipped the last two digits for the title) politics, parties, government, society have constantly been compared to 1984. Macintosh used it as inspiration for a commercial.

Wonder if school kids are required to read it. Wonder if politicians and journalists should be required to as well. Hell, how ’bout everyone in the world, once a year. Oprah, want to add another title to your book club?


One comment

  1. I suspect is was the hunky numbers on the cover that attracted you. And your haste to thumb through the volume was probably a quick search for similar illustrations. Quote me if wrong:-)

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