If you watch no other website…

February 23, 2007

On my top list of all time faves has got to be Television Without Pity. I first stumbled across this website while searching for a recap of a TV show I had missed. This is the merciless motherlode.

Featuring a crew of recappers – each assigned to a different series – they deliver a recap every week of each episode, organized by program. But not just a dry rundown of details. Just as the name says, these people have no pity. In many cases, I find the recaps to be much more entertaining than the original programs they are riffing. (Is that a word? Hmmm…)


The site has been in operation for several years now. You can find a list of programs indicating which are still running, are in hiatus or cancelled. And the writing is far funnier than you will find on most TV shows. A personal favorite is the recapper who covers Smallville. He detests the program, and has a major hate-on for Lana Lang. He roots for her to be killed weekly. When she was attacked by a horse, he immediately dubbed it Stompy the Wonder Horse and cheered it on. He’s also convinced there is a secret gay love affair going on between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.

<>Well, duh.

<>Recappers issue nicknames to characters, which can be confusing. Reading the recaps of Charmed (much more enjoyable than having to sit through an episode) I had to backtrack to almost the beginning of the series to figure out who was “The Dolt.” The recapper – from San Francisco – also offered up a tidbit about the house used on the show. Apparently the attic windows are only for decoration. There is no attic on the location house.

<> <>Who says there is nothing educational on the internet?

<><>My favorite is the genius reviewing Bravo’s latest Reality Retread, Top Designer. I’ve seen two episodes. Reading the recaps was by far better time well spent. The author of these dispatches has me literally laughing out loud (good thing nobody else was in the house) as I read of the continuing adventures of the poor saps and the evil queens judging them. Or the evil queens and the poor saps judging them. Whichever.

<> But above and beyond the hysterical writing, there is the benefit of a resource when you want to catch up without waiting for summer reruns. Frankly this is much easier than trying to keep track of the plotline of Lost.

I give TVWP a definate five bunny ears for excellence.


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