Validated, yet unemployed

February 23, 2007

As my friends know – and probably are tired of hearing – I’ve been looking for work since I moved back to town last summer. Thankfully several friends got me leads on freelance jobs that certainly helped pay the bills as well as got me out of the house and away from the computer solitaire game.

I was just telling Brad via IM that having internet connection certainly helps keep a person from feeling isolated while sitting at home sending out resumes. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed playing around with this bloggy thing. Now that I found two comments posted – once Bobby Baby pointed out to me that he posted one today – I feel as validated as Sally Fields winning an Oscar.

Don’t take much, does it?

In an effort to do promote myself and my work, I set up a blog to just talk about myself and show off some work, talk about past projects. It is not as impressive as having my own website, I realize, but given my lack of experience in coding and programming sites, it’s as close as I’m getting so far.

<>Meanwhile I’m discovering all sorts of toys and tricks to play with this system. The things you discover when you start pushing buttons aimlessly.Speaking of websites; I’ve found some openings on Creative Hotlist (Communications Arts magazine website.) I visited the home sites of these agencies and discovered some real problems with them. Sites that take forever to load. Introductions that never do load properly. Jose and I used to talk about how agencies should be more careful. It’s like a paint store badly in need of painting. Doesn’t give you a lot of confidence as a customer.

I never paid that much attention before. After working with a real web designer like Jose, I can’t help but notice.

One agency apparently specializes in advertising for the African-American market. Interested to see if I get any response. Hey, if I can design promotions for the Nascar crowd and football fans, I can talk to any demographic.

I’m sending out PDF resumes and samples all over the area. Waiting on several places to get back to me. Most of them are so swamped they don’t have time to talk to a freelancer or job candidate. I believe that is what you call a Catch 22.

At one job interview I was told I was the first person they have spoken to so far. I replied they don’t have to talk to anyone else now. They laughed. They thought I was joking.


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