Time for friends to be together

February 25, 2007

Last night Charlie threw a party for his sister, Helen. It wasn’t a birthday party. He called it “A time for friends to be together.” A year ago their father passed away. And the next day, Helen’s partner of several decades died. All around her birthday.

Their mother died several years ago after a long illness and was buried on Charlie’s birthday. So he understood her desire to avoid any birthday parties this year. But he still wanted to do something.

Plotting with Kris, Helen’s boss, he arranged for her to attend what she thought was a Cardinal Spring Training Party. Helen and Charlie are major Card fans. Or is the word fanatics? Charlie threw the party at The Brick Cafe. Great time, good company and several pool tables in the party room. Their brother John and his family came in from Ohio for the party. Appetizers by The Brick and cake byLubalies keep everyone fed. The Worlds Greatest Waiter/Bartender Patrick keep the drinks flowing. A good time was had by all.

Although in two games of pool with Dale I did very sucky. I’m sure Dale has issued a report to Carlos, my billiard instructor in Florida. I’m so ashamed. Practice is required to avoid further embarassment. Dale, however, is definately a pool hustler. Now we know how he worked his way through college. And Charlie is a very good brother. Now we know why his older brother and sister didn’t sell him to gypsies when he was young.

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