Scissor Sisters Give Good Song

February 28, 2007

scissorsisters.jpgThe New York glam-rock disco duo that became the southern rock band led by exhibitionist go-go boy with a voice of gold Jake Spears, bear cubBabyDaddy, Ana Matronix, adorable Del Marquis and the other guy – the drummer. What’s his name?

<> I was introduced to this band by Scott and Brad. They have all the fun toys. I’ve been listening to the CD (Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters – catchy, no?) in the car for some time now. While Laura and Mary are two of their better known songs, I find It Can’t Come Quickly Enough to be a hauntingly beautiful piece with very clever writing. Take Your Mama shows their southern rock roots big time. Return to Oz, the last song on the album, is genius. When they aren’t howling in falsetto, the vocals are amazing. I mean, when was the last time you heard a group that could actually handle harmonies?

Brad has a concert dvd featuring interviews with the band and lots of concert footage as well as music videos. Apparently they are very popular in Britain and Europe right now, gaining ground in the States.

Meanwhile here’s a few shots from their website. I just thought Del Marquis gave good photo.
picture-1.jpg picture-2.jpg picture-5.jpg picture-10.jpg picture-9.jpg


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