Water Bus memories

March 12, 2007

watertaxi2.jpgSome shots of a Fort Lauderdale water bus from a few years ago. These photos were taken on an overcast rainy day (summertime in Florida) so it looks a tad grey outside. The water buses are boats that putter around on the Intracoastal Waterway – the canals that run between the barrier islands (Fort Lauderdale Beach, etc.) and the ‘mainland.’ They pass under the bridges leading in and out of the beach area and are a great way to avoid the major hassles of parking at the beaches.

For a mere $5 ticket, you can ride the water bus all day long. Pay when you get on and collect your ticket stub. You use that each time you get on throughout the day. They pick up passengers at sites along the New River and the Intracoastal. It’s certainly cheaper than feeding the parking meters or parking lot payboxes. Park near one of the pick-up points (the bus stops) and catch a water bus to the beach and the restaurants. It’s really a shame they don’t have service all over Lauderdale. There are canals running all over the area and it would really relieve much of the traffic problems.

watertaxi11.jpg<> <>Usually the boats are open on the sides and top so you can enjoy the scenery as you put-put along, but on rainy days they put up covers. I am not really sure what the bee symbolism is all about. On weekends the pilots usually give a spiel telling about the various houses and buildings as you chug by. I’m sure many of the stories are made up, but it’s entertaining. I always recommend the water bus to tourists – not only as a good way to get to the beach but also for a look at how the other half live on the waterfront. The boats pass right by many of the multi-million dollar mansions only accessible by private drives.


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