Carlos and the chocolate bunny

April 10, 2007

Easter Sunday got a call from Carlos down in Florida. Originally from Ecuador, turns out he is not that familiar with the U.S. custom of mandatory family dinner involving baked ham (brown sugar and pineapple optional) and veggies. In Ecuador they celebrate the religous holiday in church, then spend the afternoon in the standard fashion. He knew about Easter Egg hunts, but says that in Ecuador, “our bunnies don’t lay eggs.”

chocolate_bunny.jpg<> He sounded pretty laid back about it all until I asked about chocolate rabbits. Turns out that is a sore point with him. He definately feels deprived of several years’ worth of chocolate bunnies.

<> Perhaps I should mail one even though Easter is over. When I described peeps, he found the very idea less than appetizin. Chocolate bunnies, though, he wants.


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