iTunes losing humor

September 12, 2007

My iTunes (the music system on my trusty computer) keeps updating every so often and I’ve noticed that the list of humor sites under Talk/Spoken Word have been decreasing dramatically. Once upon a time you could click on one of several sites and listen to bits – or entire routines – by comedians. That is where I first discovered the genius Eddie Izzard. It’s also why I was surprised to learn he is a cross-dresser. You don’t notice things like that on radio.

<> Meanwhile the list of progressive or liberal radio sites have been growing. Again, once upon a time, you could listen to AirAmerica and that was almost it. Now the progressive/liberal radio options are increasing as comedy sites decrease. A connection? Hmm, I wonder.

<> Guess I’ll have to rely on YouTube for comedy and stand-up. Now if I can just figure out how to get Fox Radio off my iTunes I’ll be happy.

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