The Lou?

January 18, 2008

Recently I read comments by some civic booster type from the city board of whatever, referring to “The Lou.”

<>My first thought; Lou Dobbs? Lou Fusz Chevrolet? Lou Costello?

<>Eventually it dawned on me. Some genius decided a while ago that the city of St. Louis needed a snappy nickname. Something hip, something cool. Something to bring the cachet of Miami’s SOBE (South Beach) or New York’s SOHO (South of Houston Street.) So they adopted “The Lou.”

<>I think it may have been the rap singer Nelly who referred to “The Lou” as a nickname for the city in a song. I remember thinking “I’ve lived here most of my life. I work with tons of hip, young ad professionals who are all over this type of thing. Who on Earth ever calls this town that?”

<> Personally I can think of few things as moronic as calling your city a name that sounds like Loo – the name for toilets in Britan. Perhaps this civic booster concept will go the way of that great ad campaign years ago encouraging patrons to attend the St. Symphony performances because it’s so “relaxing.”


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