Snow Falls, Wind Chills, Winter Blows

February 13, 2008


Yet another snowfall with associated wind and ice. Here’s a shot of the front yard out in the country after the snow dropped a few days ago. Beyond the trees is the road, also covered in snow, which makes driving in the country so much fun. The driveway is in the open area between the trees. Hard to tell as it’s covered in snow as well. There’s this funny thing about living out in the boondocks – there’s no snowplow coming around to clear the roads. And shoveling out a two-block long drive is not high on my list of things to do.

<>feb_snow_car2.jpg A view of the car with its winter coat. This trusty Saturn survived two horrendous hurricane seasons and Wilma knocking my apartment roof off onto it, all without much more than a few scratches. One winter in St. Louis left me with a cracked windshield and other minor problems. Oh well.

<>feb_snow_frontyard.jpg From the road (more specifically the mailbox) looking back at the house. Spring is just a few months away… not nearly soon enough.


One comment

  1. […] the same sight. Trees, ground covered in snow, no sign of the driveway. So here’s some images from the previous winter. Nothing new except the pile of various mysteries (courtesy of Aunt Edwina […]

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