Give them enough rope…

November 20, 2008

Listening to the Rachel Maddow Show podcast with guesthost Nicole Sandler from Miami, filling in for Rachel. Sandler and guest Jim Defede were discussing the old Fairness Doctrine (axed by the Reagan crowd) and the current state of radio.

Defede points out that – in his opinion – it was right-wing conservative radio that helped to get Obama elected. He believes that the right-wing screaming about immigration on the radio actually turned off many Hispanics who would have otherwise voted GOP. As he put it, the sheer ugliness of it all did it for Hispanics.

This reinforces my own opinion that the best way to bring the end to the Reagan/Bush/Rove/Gingrich portion of the party is to let them have their own way; give them enough rope to hang themselves. When the extreme side of the republican party is given a free pass – as for the past fifteen years – they go crazy. They act like teenagers left alone with the keys to the car, a fully stocked liquor cabinet, credit cards and a pile of coke. And it becomes painfully obvious what happens when you put people who believe that government doesn’t work in charge of the government. When the unscrupulous and greedy are allowed free rein, the worst comes to light despite the best efforts of spindoctors and the so-called ‘liberal press’.

Gutting the funding of essential services and programs, eliminating or castrating regulation, allowing lobbyists to write legeslation, turning the national government into even more of a feeding trough than ever before in history, it all becomes so blatant that everyone but the most devoted kool-ade drinker can see it.

The government is not the problem. Corruption is the problem.

Unfortunately this is a case of letting a cancer run riot in order to expose it as cancer. The worst excesses of the republicans has been exposed and rejected. But now how to recover from the past decades? Is it possible? And will the criminals who treated the American taxpayers as their own personal ATMs get away with it?


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