November 20, 2008

smooshi2Seen on Monocle podcast (design and fashion worldwide), a new approach to the Danish traditional openface sandwich, the smorrebrod. The Dane’s national sandwich, which was originally butter and various toppings on a piece of bread, has gone through many changes and a plethora of toppings. Now the new Royal Cafe in Copenhagen features their take on the sandwich, the smushi.

Inspired by sushi, the smushi is carefully handcrafted by chefs with a myriad number of ingredients. Like the Japanese inspiration, the final product is a work of art almost too pretty to eat.

They remind me of the high style of decorative ‘plating’ (a term now in common usage thanks to the Food Network) so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. I recall vividly a towering construction presented at a Florida restaurant years ago; I didn’t know whether to eat it, label it for exhibition or call a photographer.

smooshi1Forgive the less than optimum quality of these images. These are screen captures from the podcast.

Not shown is a size reference of the tidbits. These sandwiches are smaller than a Hostess Dingdong, but with a much more varied list of ingredients.

Like real sushi, I’m guessing these are not something to wolf down for a quick lunch.


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