Snow Fell, Tires Spun

February 1, 2009

Last week snow fell while I was burrowed at Mom’s house in the country. After the snow covered everything about four inches deep, I thought “I should take a photo for my friends in Florida.”

Then I realized I did that last year, and it’s basically the same sight. Trees, ground covered in snow, no sign of the driveway. So here’s some images from the previous winter. Nothing new except the pile of various mysteries (courtesy of Aunt Edwina in Indy) and 3 months free Showtime TV.

One of the joys of country living (deep sarcasm here – if you ever want to live in the middle of nowhere, call me and I’ll bitchslap you back into sanity) is having to call the propane company (Hank Hill, propane and propane accessories) to heat your home. This typically means you have to come up with anywhere from $600 to $800 within 30 days of delivery, which does make one think twice before cranking up the thermostat. One advantage was the helpful delivery guy in his giant truck who slipped in and out unnoticed, added to the tank, and left deep ruts showing us where the driveway is probably located.

Last Friday we bundled up and went out to try for the grocery store. Then, after getting stuck ten feet outside the garage, I pushed the car back in and we spent an hour clearing the snow around the garage door so as to back out, turn and make a running start for the ruts.

I’m having seriously deep thoughts about South Florida right now. And suddenly hurricanes don’t seem to be that much of a bother.

It wasn’t until the following day that I was able to return to St. Louis and my trusty Mac to check a week’s worth of email and catch up on Rachel Maddow‘s podcasts.

Unfortunately while I did bring a plethora (PGW) of supplies and odds n’ ends – homemade chicken pot pie, water filters, books to return to the library, socks, snow shovel… – I walked off without my trusty briefcase. Tonight I return to the Fortress of Ice and Solitude for dinner, TV viewing and such, returning tomorrow (Monday) with a firm resolve to Get Things Done.

Weather permitting of course.

Meanwhile, I think this is the linkiest posting I’ve done yet. Hope they work.


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