Stainedglass by Poster Child

February 5, 2009
Uploaded by posterchild

This is my first attempt at posting a video, and it only took a few (hundred) tries.

Posterchild participating on the ongoing alteration of the HD screens installed over subway entrances in New York. As noted on The Anti-Advertising Agency site, this entry was round 4 of a widespread project by local artists to counter the visual ad pollution on the entrances.

The video is pretty cool beans – I just wish they identified the music. Very nice in a monkish chant sorta way. Is it from an album? Original to the video?

The Anti-Advertising Agency folks exhort advertising professionals to quit their jobs. Evidently the industry unemployment is not as severe in NY as in StL. Here the problem is not urging ad folks to give up destroying the world with bad ads; it’s urging them not to give up all hope of being able to pay their bills ever again.


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