Your Government Fiddles…

February 10, 2009

… while the U.S. economy burns.

Yesterday, inspired by Rachel Maddow and various lib’ral blogs, I left short messages on the web pages of my trusty Senators and Congresscritters politely asking them to stop with the tax cuts already and get something passed on the bail-out legislation.

Well, politely for the most part. On the comment section for “Kit” Bond (aka Senator Rubber Stamp For Bush) I added the suggestion that he “get off your ass and do your job, Senator.”

He’s such a horse’s ass, I couldn’t help myself.

The more I hear of what is going on with this legislation the more I wonder if we should all start applying for citizenship in a more economically stable country – like Haiti or Cuba. With¬† millions out of work and little hope of finding a job, the GOP is standing around insisting “Let’s not rush into anything here!” and “We need more tax cuts!”

Tax cuts? For people without jobs? While the government is fighting two wars and our infrastructure is falling apart? Where did I put that suspended animation chamber to hide in till this gets straightened out?

Please, go to your trusty internets search engine and type in the name of your government representatives to get to their web pages. Go to the button that says communicate or leave a message and click on the header “economy,” then leave a message.


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