Thursday Puppy Posting

February 13, 2009


Occasionally I do duty as dogsitter (and birdsitter) for my friend Charlie. Here are a few shots of Webster (above, on the left) and Cosmo (above, on right) at Charlie’s house. The gray skies are the late winter weather at work. The two boys are decked out in festive bows from the doggy hairdressers.

cosmo1Charlie has somehow managed to collect a handful of Yorkies. Not pictured is geriatric Minnie, who Charlie refers to as his houseplant; “You water her, you feed her, she sits there.”

On the right, another view of Cosmo, a full breed Yorkie who’s usually well behaved until he gets a chance to run outside and do laps around the neighbor’s Labrador. Even though he’s only a few inches off the ground, Cosmo can outrun a Formula race car and takes hours to run out of gas. Just watching this guy makes me dizzy. Inside the house he’s a bit more sedate. What is really cute is getting his attention and ordering “Cosmo! Sit!” and watching the back legs suddenly fold and he plops down.

He came like that from the animal shelter. He has yet to learn anything since.

webster2Webster does his best to keep up with his adopted brother, but keeps running back to the house to see if anyone is offering treats within the past five seconds since he last checked.

While Cosmo lives to run, Webster lives for treats, dinner, breakfast and lots and lots of scratching of the fur. Webster (formerly Peanuts – but Charlie couldn’t see yelling out the back door “Peeeeaaanuts!” at night. Try it aloud and you’ll see why.) is a bit of a mix with some terrier tossed in.

Also not pictured is Charlie’s bird, Laverne. A gray and yellow something-or-other who lives in a cage in the living room and glares at me suspiciously when I approach. But as soon as she hears Charlie’s voice, she starts singing.


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