J. Walter Thompson Chicago Folds

April 6, 2009

Today the last vestige of the once great JWT office in Chicago folded up shop. The company was once one of the Golden Age Of Advertising stalwarts; now no more in the Windy City.

I visited the home page of the JWT network (like all other large agencies they merged and sprouted off-shoots like weeds) where the home page announces – in large, clunky colorform letters – “WE CREATE IDEAS FOR OUR CLIENTS THAT PEOPLE WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH.”

I am well aware that proper grammar and headline copy are often at odds, but guys? Come on now. This sucks as a headline. Really. On so many levels.



  1. Beautiful but cold. This is why we live in Florida. Has this convinced you to come back?

    • Believe me; I don’t need convincing. If I could afford it, I’d be there!

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