Thursday and too much to do…

April 30, 2009

and no energy to get it done. It’s both Dining Out For Life tonight (Charlie is hosting at Tucker’s, I’m sure Jim and Tom are hosting at a fine bistro as well) and the St. Louis D’art event at FK, aka Ferguson Katzman studios. At the first event, money from eating dinner goes to AIDS organizations; at the second event a motley collection of advertising/design professionals will gather to drink beer, eat munchies and toss darts at a large map of St. Louis. Wherever the dart with your name lands, you have a few weeks to go there, photograph the spot (creatively, of course) and return for the followup event where everyone gets to exhibit their work.

Both events are well worth attending. Unfortunately between battles with the IRS (“I don’t know why these people don’t get a clue. If I don’t respond to the first twenty letters, you’d think they’d get the message and go away.” Jack MacFarlane, Will & Grace), bank issues, working today (rah!) and the rain, I’m not up for being on the scene tonight. So an IOU to Food Outreach and perhaps I’ll take a picture of Lindenwood Place (outside the door) for later. So instead it’s Qdoba for a bite with Jeff C. (quoted below) and back here to Get Things Done.


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