Premature Contracts…

June 9, 2009

Rhonda C. got a lead for me through one of her clients. Since Saturday I’ve traded emails with a woman who runs her own marketing company – apparently doing everything and anything you could ever possibly ask for – and has two people working for her as subcontractors. Evidently she is just swamped with lots of work and needs help.

I’ve sent a link to my website showing my work and giving an idea of my experience. She in turn has sent me forms to fill out – a W9 tax form asking for my SSN and other info and a non-compete legal agreement – while asking me to do a non-paying design project as some sort of test of my abilities.

I’m not used to being asked to do audition pieces for free at this stage of my career, but what the hell. It does make me wonder why I’m getting all these legalistic documents before there’s been any mention of pay or a paying project. Or details on the ‘audition project’ (my term). For instance; is it just a demonstration project or actually for a paying client. In which case I have a problem with working for free. If you want to take my work and sell it to a client then, pardon me, you are paying me for it.

In all fairness, I have not heard any details so it could be all innocent. Perhaps experiences in South Florida – and St. Louis, for that matter – among the Donald Trump wanna-bes left me jaded.  I recall vividly some of the erstwhile clients Jose  encountered who expected us to give our work for free until they decided it was worth paying for it.

Will see how this turns out. So far the vibes, as someone once said, are not terribly positive.

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