A bit muggy…

June 23, 2009


Monday morning I opened the door in Illinois and was greeted with a blast of fetid, soggy air too wet to qualify for a sauna. Acres of land covered in rainwater – the rain won’t stop these days – and high heat combine to make misery in the key of damp. Arriving in St. Louis (dog sitting for Charlie again) it was less humid in the urban zones. More buildings and pavement offer less saturated ground to exude damp.

Friends complain about the heat, preferring winter to summer in this region. I’m willing to walk around soaking wet from humidity and sweat instead of crawling through snow and ice. When it’s freezing outside I have no interest in going anywhere. At least this time of year the worst I can expect on the road is the pavement melting to my tires.

Today is one of a projected series of days where the heat index will be over 108 (F). Even though I do prefer hot over cold, I also offer praise to the saint who invented home air conditioning systems.

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