Dogs, Dragons, Death and Damp

June 24, 2009

It’s a transliteration week, and it’s only Wednesday.  I realize my mind – and postings – are wandering all over while I use the ridiculous heat as an excuse to hide inside with Minnie the Houseplant (you water her, feed her, she sits there), Cosmo the Escape Artist, Webster the Endless Appetite and Laverne the Bird. Thank you Charlie for having cable TV and a working AC.

The barking mass trooped and woofed outside this morning before the temperatures skyrocketed to above 100. They puttered about (Cosmo and Webster – Minnie just investigated the six square inches of ground around her) and snooped in the shrubs and grasses, making investigative woofs and burfs (Cosmo tends to go “Burf! Burf!” rather than the conventional “Bark Bark!.” ) in hopes of finding a stray bunny to chase. Fortunately the rabbits in the yard are too fast for the Yorkie Duo. I don’t think the boys would know what to do with Bugs Bunny if they caught one.

Charlie’s back yard features a small garden plot on the edge of the flower bed running amok – the flower bed is amok, not the garden plot. I helped him put in tomatoes, green peppers and mulch a few weeks ago after we spent several hours clearing debris and stray foliage from the corner. One of Charlie’s instructions as he sped out of town was to remember to water all the potted plants and the veggies. He talked about lifting up the garden fabric under the mulch and letting the hose run for a half hour – the garden patch is on an incline like everything else in the sloping back yard – to make sure the tomatoes get enough water.

Given the heavy rainfall the past several weeks I suspect the ground is wet enough that plants can go without hosing down for a day or so. Overwatering is a common problem in hot weather. Since the plants have had weeks to establish root systems, they probably need a day or so to drink what’s there in the soil. Drowning is a frequent problem in gardens. If plants have yellow leaves but are not necessarily drooping, it’s probably too much water, not too little.

Of course, if I do kill the things, I better run out and get new ones before he comes home, or I’ll never hear the end of it. Wonder if he’d notice the ripe tomatoes were attached to the plants by bread twist-ties.

Nothing of import to impart here. Just chugging strong McDonald’s coffee and trying to get a plan for the day.


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