Graphic Gandhi

July 21, 2009


“This stamp was issued by India in the year 2000, showing Gandhi’s flowing cape taking on the shape of India. Gandhi, a firm believer in self-reliance as well as non-violence, would have spun that cape himself. His choice of weaving by the masses as an act of non-violent resistance wasn’t as curious as it seems: it required discipline, involved women and inspired his countrymen and -women to spurn British-made textiles.”

Found on Strange Maps (also in blogroll on right.) Simplicity is the epitome of design. Great design is often a simple image that manages to convey multiple meanings. Like ice skating, ballroom dancing or ducks gliding serenely across the surface of the water, the genius is where it looks easy and effortless. Like a line drawing that manages to convey both Gandhi and the nation of India.

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