Library book

July 23, 2009


Cover design by Abner Graboff. Paperback book courtesy of the St. Louis Public Library. There are more recent issues of this book online, but the covers on those volumes feature a cute, excessively floral image of a little old lady and little old man. I actually prefer the funky cover shown above. Who is Abner Graboff? Funny you should ask. Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog asked the same question and looked it up for us.

The author, Hector Hugh Munro (aka Saki), was recommended by Amol, who turned me on to the genius of P.G. Wodehouse and other great authors. Last I heard, Amol was working his way through James Joyce. I think I’ll stick to the lighter entertainments.

Grahm Greene’s preface to The Best of Saki says “…the epigrams, the absurdities fly unremittingly back and forth, they dazzle and delight, but we are aware of a harsher, less kindly mind behind them than Wilde’s.”

I’m only into the first chapter. So far Saki is indeed the wit advertised, with the dark subtext lurking in the background. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into the book.

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