Tim Dorsey: Atomic Jellyfish

August 4, 2009

“You never want to be tied up by a obsessive compulsive person. We over-engineer everything!”

Tim Dorsey’s Serge Storms, educating two henchmen as he gift wraps them with duct tape in the incredibly educational, entertaining and culturally enlightening novel Atomic Jellyfish. Dorsey’s books are often described as a roller coaster ride of one sort or another, but the analogy is true. When you take a ride on one of his stories you never know what is happening next, which way is up and where you’re going to end up. That you learn more than ever conceived possibly about Florida history and culture is just gravy on the killing spree.

If you’re having a so-so day, the dialog will lift your spirits as the bodycount rises.

Today listening to Atomic Jellyfish in the car (I read the book a year or so ago) I learned about all sorts of great places I should have visited when living in Lauderdale. Like the Wreck Bar at the historic Yankee Clipper hotel on Lauderdale Beach. Dorsey claims that the windows behind the bar show the interior of the hotel pool. Is this true? Why didn’t I ever visit such a place? Ah well, lost opportunities.


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