How to Sneak into a Museum Without Paying

August 28, 2009

Via the unfortunately named ArtFagCity website:


“Offering sage advice for the penniless and pocket-heavy alike, artist Peter Coffin’s “How to Sneak into a Museum Without Paying” project features hand drawn maps from contributors around the globe. Thus far he’s culled a handful of floor plans and museum maps instructing readers how on how to beat the system and avoid museum fees for a forthcoming bookzine published by Printed Matter.”

Visit the site for more hand drawn maps and details.

Those of us fortunate enough to be in the St. Louis region have been spoiled by the world class St. Louis Art Museum which has no admission fee to enter the museum. Ditto on the Zoo and a few other tourist attractions. While the Art Museum (sorry, I can’t use the abbreviation “SLAM” – it’s just too forced, like calling St. Louis “The Lou”) you can saunter in and wander about to see some amazing works. If they have a special exhibit off the main hall there is usually a ‘suggested donation’ but it’s not too much.

It was a bit of a culture shock to visit museums (aka galleries in Canada, for international travelers wondering why Toronto doesn’t seem to have any art museums in the phone book) in other cities and find a hefty entrance fee at the door. I recall vividly having to fork out fifteen bucks to enter the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum and visit a very lackluster exhibition of the Pissaro family in one of the tiniest, most cramped museums I’ve ever seen.

While I didn’t mind paying five dollars to see the Ad Reinhart show in Los Angeles or whatever they charged for the Chicago Art Institute, there are times when you just don’t have the cash to see great works of art and still be able to afford that overpriced cafe mocha in the coffee shop. Apparently Peter Coffins working to help all those penniless art fans with his work in progress map guide to sneaking in without paying. The link above includes a call for contributions on various museums and the best way to sneak in.


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